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Metaverse is a dynamic game of starship combat for any enthusiast of science fiction battles. The game is malleable and dynamic such that players can utilise as few or as many features as they wish. Fans of cruiser duels where the player fills the role of a dashing starship captain managing the intricacies of their starships can include every option and detail available. Those who wish to play the role of a grand fleet admiral looking out across squadrons of starships in battles where worlds stand or fall can wash over those same details and include entire fleets of starships.

As is the standard with Battlespace Publishing products, Metaverse is free to all players along with any of its associated documentation. Anyone may download, play, and distribute Metaverse at any time.

Metaverse is supported by Metamaker, a software tool that allows players to create fleets, starships, starfighters, and weapons for use in their games. All these files and tools are located on our servers and are accessible from any internet connection. Once a player creates a resource in Metamaker they can download the PDF of that resource for use in their games.

Players who opt not to purchase the Metamaker software can still utilise it to a limited degree through the public system. Any starship that is listed as public is searchable by both paid accounts and browsing non-paying customers. Any player can access Metamaker and search through public designs and download their PDFs.

What's New:

BP at Hotlead
Games Galore

Star Wars Mega Game
A truly big game!

MetaMaker 1.0.5
Point costs re-balanced.

Metaverse Video
An introductory video to Metaverse.

Enhanced Search
The Metamaker Search tool has been upgraded!